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New delicious & juicy scented candle from Zuzu Glow.

~ Straight sided glass vessel, capped with a gold metal lid
~ Eight Ounces of 100% Soy Candle with natural Fragrances, essential oils and Herbs.
~ Lead free cotton wick.
~ Vegan.
~ No artificial Dyes or chemicals.
~ Small Batch
~ Estimated Burn Time is 48 - 64 hours.
~ Each jar is recyclable so please 

Every ZuZuGlow Candle is hand poured with care in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, Pa.

Why Soy?
About our 100% Soy Wax:

Soy wax offers the cleanest burn, with almost no soot. A cleaner burn from soy is comparatively better for you and the environment over paraffin wax. As a purely renewable resource, it contains absolutely no harmful toxins or carcinogens.

Other benefits of soy wax include:
✨Long lasting (see below burn times)

Another reason to choose soy is that it holds scent longer and smoother. Since soy burns at a cooler temperature than other waxes, it burns slower and releases the scent slower, offering a longer lasting candle.