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ORANGE BLOSSOM by ZuZuGlow Candles

If you have ever walk through a field of orange blossom trees this will bring back heavenly memories. The Clementine flower sparkles over the heart of orange blossom and waterlily, with warm undertones of orris and balsamic vetiver. It has a true air of luxury to transform any atmosphere.

~ Eight Ounces of 100% Soy Candle with natural Fragrances, essential oils and Herbs.
~ contained within a 3.5 inch mason Jar and capped with a galvanized lid
~ Comes in an eco-friendly Muslin bag.
~ Lead free cotton wick.
~ Vegan.
~ No artificial Dyes or chemicals.
~ Small Batch
~ Estimated Burn Time is 48 - 64 hours.
~ Recyclable

Why Soy?
About our 100% Soy Wax:

Soy wax offers the cleanest burn, with almost no soot. A cleaner burn from soy is comparatively better for you and the environment over paraffin wax. As a purely renewable resource, it contains absolutely no harmful toxins or carcinogens.

Other benefits of soy wax include:
✨Long lasting (see below burn times)

Another reason to choose soy is that it holds scent longer and smoother. Since soy burns at a cooler temperature than other waxes, it burns slower and releases the scent slower, offering a longer lasting candle.

By Zuzu Glow