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We. Are. Obsessed. Not just because this stuff is so perfectly crafted for hair, but because it smells damn good too. A blend of Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil + Rosemary infused Sunflower oil (with a touch of Vitamin E), GLAZED will have you turning heads with your new glossy tendrils.

Infused with Rosemary, this oil promotes hair growth at the follicle. Argan nourishes, repairs split ends and adds shine. Loaded with Vitamins A, E + C, Argan prevents damage caused by sun exposure, wind or free-radicals such as smoke or air pollution. Jojoba prevents hair from drying and splitting. When massaged into skin near the follicle, Jojoba can regulate sebum production, easing any breakouts.

Massage into ends to repair splits and damage. Rub into hands then lightly glaze over your hair to tame fly aways and frizz. Apply some to your hands, rub together, then starting from the nape of your neck, work the oil up through your strands, focusing on the ends, for an all-over shine. Doubles as a makeup remover, especially great for eyebrows and mascara removal.

Cedar, Jasmine, Fir, Spruce, Frankincense are beautifully blended together for a deep yet refreshing scent.

 Speaking from personal experience- I have been using GLAZED on my hair simply with the intention of having softer, less split hair. What happened after two weeks of using it consistently was not expected. My curls came back. My hair hadn't seen a curl in the Mojave. After moving to the desert a year ago, I had accepted that my curls were gone. Without humidity, my hair has been dry, flat and brittle. But, I kid you not, my hair has taken back the form that I once knew and adored. By repairing the damage and properly nourishing it, my hair was able to blossom!

Store in a cabinet, away from sunlight. During warmer months, store in fridge for best results. Best used with 6 months of purchase. 5th Dimension lives in the now, so we never use chemicals to preserve.