• Lepidocrocite in Quartz with Pyrite
  • Lepidocrocite in Quartz with Pyrite

Lepidocrocite in Quartz with Pyrite

$ 160.00

A super seven stone, naturally dispells that which no longer serves. It aids in helping you stay to course, towards your true self. 

It will cleanse your aura and dissolve your mental confusions. It will dispel your negativity, disparity, and aloofness.

The energies of Lepidocrosite will replace it with love for oneself, for humanity, and for the environment.

This stone will strengthen your ability to empower other people without being involved in the power issues yourself.

Lepidocrosite is a stone that usually occurs in quartz.

Its vibration works powerfully with the thymus or higher heart chakra to convince you to open your heart to Divine love.

It will kindle love and promote harmony within your etheric body.

It also possesses a strong healing ability within your emotional body. This stone will allow you to contact your Divine mind directly.

This will help you apply your spiritual insights into your everyday life and help you handle your emotional problems.


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